(b. 1991, Guangzhou, China)


I grew up in the midst of constant change in China and moved to Vancouver and the California Bay Area at a young age. I believe that culture is constantly changing and that art, much like life, is a long journey. When things are left to chance, the unexpected can prove to be more powerful than the pre-planned. The collection of my experiences as a first generation, wealthy Chinese American has made me question my privilege and power as well as see the world through the lens of a frequent newcomer. My investigation into my principles and identity has brought me to pursue in an arts education in Social and Environmental Design, receiving an MA and BFA in 2014 both from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Through my multidisciplinary design and fine art process, I strive to create products, paintings, and experiences that capture moments of beauty and create opportunities for dialogue in the everyday vernacular.


My public space design projects are inspired by my need to engage people and investigate my relationship to a place through design. Trained as an Environmental Designer, I’m sensitive to the effects the environment has on human behavior. Scouting for pockets of empty space in cities, I fill them with interventions that engage the body in active movement and in turn promote a sense of deeper human connection and personal reflection. I create these large-scale objects for both the public and my own amusement; they serve as tool for me to open up and hold dialogue with locals in the place. Always interested in social engagement, I’m on the lookout for collaborators and thought experimenters in this project space.


In 2017, I delved into my visual art practice as a way to record ephemeral moments of my life. Dripping with desire, spilling and dancing, my watercolor drawings pulsate between the improvisational and the pre-planned. Select forms are left to chance, to the revealing of unexpected combinations of color over time. Cuts into the paper create contradictions between the pristine and the patchy while delicate layers of watercolor course naturally through puddles of clear water. Through materials, found or transplanted, my work speaks to an collaged, ever-changing reality. This parallels the way I move through an environment, naturally coursing through and reacting to the spaces and interactions of the people around me. The physical act of painting continues to drive my process, as I channel my savage and instinctive energy into the work, through washes and splashes, scrapes, wipes, punches, squirts and splatters.


Thank you for visiting my page and please feel free to reach me at: hello@cindyjian.com