Found Fabrics

Made with Carmen Ng, a fashion designer I met while at the Tang Residency in the south of China. After our initial encounter, we realized we had similar visual languages in our work and a shared interest in working with found and recycled materials. This video documents a snippet of our entire collaboration, which spanned a series of five paintings. We made them simultaneously, allowing ourselves to move instinctively between the works. Our intuition for using different materials ranging from a feather duster to chiffon to bubble wrap guided us in the creation process. The properties of the material gave us new ideas for what to create on the canvas. We then built off of one another's ideas and encouraged each other to experiment further with using everyday objects in new ways to create paintings.


Painting Process


“Finding Play,” Found Fabrics, Hook, Rubber Gasket, Thread, Acrylic, Spray Paint and Oil Pastel on Canvas, 100x140cm, 2018

The following pieces are from a series based on our life experiences in the hot summer.